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Facts About Work-related Back and Neck Pain

Facts About Work-Related Back and Neck Pain

60% of Higher-Income Minnesota Employees Continue to Work Despite Physical pain, for Fear of Losing their Jobs  »

An independent survey of Minnesotans found that many worked in pain for fear of losing their job. However, Chiropractors enjoy extremely high patient satisfaction rates. 97 percent of Minnesotans interviewed say chiropractic care helped them return to work sooner.

Chronic Back Pain, A Leading Cause of Work Limitations » | PDF

Source: Center on an Aging Society, Georgetown University

Physical workload factors constitute a risk for low back pain even in adolescents » | PDF

Source: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, November 2011

Americans are estimated to spend at least $85 billion each year on back pain » | PDF

Source: Mercer Health and Benefits, 2009

Compared with physicians and physical therapists, chiropractic care for work-related low back pain results in:

  • Consistently better outcomes
  • Lower recurrence of pain
  • Fewer surgeries
  • Less painkiller usage
  • Lower medical costs

Source: American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011