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Providers & Clinics

The Doctor You Choose Does Make a Difference!

All chiropractors and clinics affiliated with BlackChiropractors.com are hand-selected by Dr. Robbins based on a combination of experience, skill and professionalism, along with peer-and-patient review.  Together these providers possess more than 30 years combined experience to make sure patient’s receive the best chiropractic care and medical referrals possible.  Our goal is to compassionately understand your accident, listen to your concerns, and help you find a doctor who can best treat your specific car accident injuries in a manner most convenient for you.  Dr. Robbins personally consults on many of these cases.  Please call or contact us here to help us best learn your needs and direct you toward the doctor who may be the best fit for you!

Some of our recommended Twin Cities’ providers include:

Juneau Robbins, DC

Gentral Johnson, DC