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Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Q: What is an IME?

A: An IME or Independent Medical Examination is commonly referred to as an “adverse examination”. It is considered an “adverse exam” because the insurance company’s examining doctor is not seeing you for the purpose of treatment or finding relief for your condition.  The purpose of this exam is to provide a report to your no-fault insurer recommending discontinuation of your no-fault medical / chiropractic benefits…which is adverse to your rights.

Q: Am I required to attend an IME?

A: Most often yes.  Your insurer has the right, under  Minnesota No-Fault insurance laws, to have you examined by a doctor of its choice when you make a claim for health care payments.  Because of the nature and purpose of the exam, we recommend that you discuss this with your attorney to know all your rights.

Q: Should I inform my provider when I am scheduled to attend an IME?

A: Yes.  Let your provider know promptly so they can make sure all your insurance papers are completed and bills have been paid through the current date.

Q: What can I expect?

A: Usually the doctor or staff will take your history and then the doctor will do a brief exam and question you about your history and the injury. Our advice is to be honest and following the exam, for your records,                          document the proceedings of the IME (time, date, examining doctor, time spent on exam and history, etc…).  If you have been in a low speed impact crash, your benefits  will most likely be discontinued.

Q: When will they schedule an IME?

A: Usually within 3 to 6 months from the date you start treating for your injuries. It may be done sooner than that, if your vehicle did not have much damage or if you do not cooperate fully with the claims adjuster.

Q: How To Handle A Denial Or Termination Of No-Fault Benefits

A: Please discuss your options with our Insurance Manager or one of our doctors.  You may need legal representation to ensure you receive the benefits provided to you through your insurance policy.

Q: Can Your Insurer Require You To Receive Care From A Provider Or Clinic They Select?

A: No. You have the right under MN No-Fault laws to choose where you want to receive care.  There is movement by insurance companies to focus on rationed care for motor vehicle crash injuries.  Beware of misleading advertising regarding your rights.